3 Tips for Better Text Messaging

facebook thumbs upText messaging is rapidly increasing around the world. We are becoming a species of thumb typers. The following three tips will help you speed things up and save you from possible musculoskeletal disorders that can be caused by long term texting.

Good posture will give you the stamina you need to keep on texting without feeling tired or cramped or doing permanent damage to your musculoskeletal system.  A study was undertaken by the Source Department of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where they watched young adults texting in a public place. They found no difference in style by gender, but there was a difference in posture. Most young women tend to keep their elbows at a 90 degree angle and tucked close to their bodies. The men rounded out their shoulders and both genders (for the most part) extend their neck out. Over one third of the people typed with only the right thumb. A long term study is needed to see what effect these unusual postures will have on our bodies.

By turning your phone sideways for the ‘landscape’ view you have a much larger keyboard, which is more suitable for thumb typing. Not every app will work in landscape mode but most do.

Practice, Practice and you will be amazed at the speed you can type with using only two thumbs. Memorize the position of your home keys by touching your thumbs together over the G H keys and then spreading them apart so they are over the F J keys. These are your home keys.
Pick a simple combination of words and functions and  type them over and over again in a sample text. You could start off by capitalizing the first letter of each word and then hit the return key. Say you pick the words ‘ Are You There? ‘. Type them repeatedly into a message and hit the enter key after each sentence. Look at the screen not at the Keys! It is supposed to look like a complete mess at first, but believe me it will get better and you will be amazed by the quick results you achieve.

Patience and persistence pays off. After a while this method of thumb typing will be second nature to you. Your friends will be amazed. So, don’t give up, keep trying and let us  know how you are progressing.

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