The Stress Free Move

blog post Box LabelIf your moving day is just around the corner, it’s time to get organized.  If you are planning on moving your home or business this year, then here are a few things you’ll want to gather ahead of time.     Boxes for one.  A quick stop at the local liquor store will get you some of the best moving boxes ever. Perfect size and strength.

You can even use the inside dividers to protect delicate breakables.

Sheets of self-adhesive box labels. Create and Print off your own labels or use Martha Stewarts template. You’ll want spots where you can record your name, contents, the room it’s going to , Box #  and a ‘This End Up Arrow’ also a spot to put a colour coded sticker.

·         Master Inventory List where the contents of each box is listed and can easily be tracked

·         Packing tape and large tape dispenser

·         Bubble wrap

·         One roll of painters tape for easy release of wrapped items

·         Color Coded stickers  for each room of the house

·         Moving Check list of things that need to be done

If your boxes don’t have prepunched grips, then make your own. Cut a triangle out with box cutters on each side, big enough to fit your movers hands. Remember not to over pack your boxes. Don’t put all the heavy books in the biggest box you can find, making it too hard to move around.

Prepare early and you will have an easier move. Things can be so simple when you have the right tools and a solid plan in place. If you’re too busy try hiring a virtual assistant to help you with some of the details. Wendy Works Online Solutions is my choice

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