What is Copywriting?

girl at typewriterCopywriting is one of the most sought after elements in everyone’s website, blog, magazines and brochures. The art of copywiting for a direct response campaign is focused on getting people to hang around long enough to realize the benefits of taking the suggested action.

Some copywriters are paid thousands of dollars per article, but to become that sought after then you need to invest a considerable amount of time learning this unique craft and you need to love what you do.

You need to write headlines that grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. They can’t help by clicking on a link and following it to a detailed page. On this page you will be explaining exactly how you can solve their problem and help them realize their dreams.

This doesn’t mean to beat the over the head with demanding, bold faced, capitalized text. If you try that you’ll find your readers quickly opting out and leaving your page. What you want to do is to know your audiences needs and show them how you can solve their problems.

You only have a few seconds to convince them to stay on your page, before they move on to something else. People are busy. They have easy access to multitudes of information. So, why should they stick around?

That’s easy! Because, if they do, they will be able to have access to some very valuable information or acquire your most amazing product.

Don’t forget the ‘Call To Action’. There has to be a reason for them to sign up or click on that ‘Buy Now’ button. Either, a time limited offer or a special price for the first 50 people. They need to take some sort of action and there must be a sense of urgency about it.

Don’t publish it, until it’s been proofread. I tend to let it sit for a while and then go back to it and read it through. I even print it off and read it upside down in order to slow down and curb any tendency to assume what the word should be and thus see it as that.

Copywriting can be enjoyable and as long as you’ve done your research, used reliable sources and brought it all together in an interesting, thought provoking piece, then you’ll have something useful to pass on to your niche community.

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